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 about us

With a passion for Apple products which started soon after the Mac was introduced way back in 1984, Right Enterprises is your one-stop shop for just about all things Apple. From Macs and iPads to iPhones and Accessories, we provide support, service, upgrades and repairs (for certain items - please talk to us first), along with direction and advise.

Quietly supporting and selling Apple products exclusively since 1998, we have acquired a vast pool of experience and knowledge in all things Apple. Our focus has always been - and continues to be - on satisfying our customers’ needs, from hardware configuration to software recommendations and general support. We don't see the relationship ending at the sale... rather, that's where it begins.

How can we help you today?

Phones: (868) 622-9641; (868) 684-4622
Web: www.rightent.com
E-mail: sales@rightent.com
Facebook: Right Enterprises
Mailing Address: 9-11 Fitt Street, Woodbrook, POS, Trinidad & Tobago

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-4:30PM

Apple Specialists since 1998 - We know Macs!

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What our customers are saying...

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"Great service, good people" - Alan Siung "Very good Service!!! No complaints whatsoever!!! 10 out of 10" - Christina

"Expert and timely service flavored with kindness" - Keron King
"Right Enterprises always makes me feel like family, no matter how long I have been away. Its the only place I will take my Mac" - Sherlan

"Exceptional good service each time although there were not many, which was the result of the good service in the first place" - Gordon Stclairmaule.
"If Apple could package what you guys do for that brand on a daily basis Macs would already be on sale on Mars……..:)" - Phillip Edward Alexander
"Very knowledgeable, always willing to help" - Alfred Bell "Values educating the market, they are fun and willing to partner with customers" - Ted

"Very cordial and respectful" - Roger Villafana

"Right Enterprises...Masters of Mac. When I have to call about anything, I can call with confidence, knowing that they have or will find a solution to my computing needs" - Noel Joseph

"Right Enterprises upgraded my first purple flavored iMac years ago. Great service and support! Gordon always gives good, prompt and helpful advice concerning Macs." - Y.N-Harley

"We are happy you asked. I think our relationship started in 2003. We have always found your service very helpful and prompt, despite our far from high level in computer literacy." - Peter

"Excellent Company! Knowledgeable people who have time for all customers." - Ernest Williams P.E "My fourteen years experience - Reachable, Knowledgeable, Solutions Oriented" - Michael Trestrail

"Cool parts reference website, convenient location and knowledgeable staff, always willing to help'"- Wayne T
"Friendly, helpful and good service" - Peter

"When it comes to Macs, can't go wrong with Right!" - Tai

"The Right Answers - Right away!" - Jason
"Right Ent is the premier place for all your Mac needs, from technical solutions, repair service and Mac related hardware and software support. Anyone can sell you a Mac, but not everyone can help you appreciate it like Right Ent! Can you say the same of other sellers in Trinidad?" - Deryck "The first day I walked into your office I was greeted with warm smiles, pleasant personalities and most efficient and courteous service and to this day that have no changed. In a Phrase I would say: A warm smile, friendly personality and efficient service......ever so helpful" - Wazir Mohammed

"Gordon Gonsalves and Right Enterprises are the authority for Mac in T&T and the proactive service and quick helpful responses are second to none - keep up the great work guys! "- Nick Dean www.FinancialCoachingCentre.com

"Great Service and extremely competent regarding All Things Mac. Right Enterprises Lives the Mac life and ideal" - Paul

"Always a pleasure to deal with Right Enterprises. They are helpful, prompt and informative." - Susan

"In the recording fraternity, Gordon is known as the Mac Guru to some of us Macaddicts for over 10 years" - Gerry 'Skys' Abraham

"Gordon Gonsalves is my Mac Guru. Wouldn't trust my mac with anyone else." - Elise

"Great service! Always seem to have exactly what I need. Good pricing too." - Martin Raymond

"Excellent service ... U aways have a solution to my problems .... even after business hours!!" - John
"ME LIKEY" - Anthony Ramnath.

"Always helpful." - Dhano

"Efficiency" - Irwin

"Very welcoming; helpful service with advice especially for Dummies. No by-the-way Sales Pitch. Sometimes I wonder how do they make their money. - Ric

"I am very pleased with Right Enterprises. Efficient and all-round great service! I trust my Mac with no other company" - Paul Benson "Novice user → competent user → super user → tech level user → guru → Should-be-working-for-Apple → Right Enterprise Staff" - Mike
"Gordon and Right Enterprises have consistently and conscientiously represented Apple and the Mac since the very beginning and have built their well deserved, solid reputation as the only real “go to” people for anything Mac! I know when I want to talk ‘Mac’, Gordon is the man, no doubt, no question!" - Ian Marfleet, Acuitas Caribbean Limited

"Only in the past year and a bit have I been a customer and I have been impressed with the highly professional service with a smile.  You are always ready and willing to help and advise in any which way and nothing, however trivial, ever seems to be an imposition.  A bright light in the abysmal general non service in Trinidad." - Diana

"After being assigned earth, the next best thing to happen to me was discovering Gordon and Right Enterprises. Have always considered him my Mac Guru and never miss an opportunity to refer others to him. Have been going to Right for at least 10 years and will never stop. Never. At least until my assignment here ends." - Julie Gouveia Ferguson, 9design ltd.
"Efficient… Timely & Informative! I would definitely recommend Right Enterprise any day, anytime! THE BEST APPLE EXPERIENCE IN TRINIDAD!!! Keep up the DAMN good work Gordon!" - Neptune

"My experience over the years with Right Enterprises has always been most helpful and informative with good aftercare. Would be happy to recommend to anyone needing a Mac person." - Carole Anne Ferris "I have been doing business with Right Enterprises and Gordon for more years than i can remember and have always had stellar service along with friendly customer relations, the only people i go to for all things Mac/Apple." - Richard Hadeed

"Knowledgeable, reliable Mac service - the best! " - Kencita Ltd.

"Excellent service and has always give great advice and support." - Michelle

"Timely and knowledgeable responses always" - Digital Graphics

"Excellent after sales support. Very satisfied." - Mike Chan "Helpful, pleasant, and efficient...no complaints" - Westside Community Church

"Friendly people who help you to improve your Apple experience!" - Robert

"As a director of Small to Medium Enterprise, I have a great deal of respect for owners of SMEs. Right Ent. Has supplied Paria Publishing Co. Ltd. with quality service and Apple products for many years. It is the personal contact with the Right Ent. team, their Knowledge of Apple products and the attention to their customers needs that I appreciat, which, keeps us coming back." - Dominic "I've always recommended Right enterprises as the 1st place to go to for mac service; a Mac Pro, iPad, many peripherals later along with various repairs and services over the years over multiple macs: I'm quite happy with Gordon's service and expertise, I'd patronize his establishment a bit more but my Mac Pro has not acted up in 2 going on 3 years yet since purchasing and upgrading the ram with Right Enterprises."  - Max

"When I decided to switch back to Apple in 2007, many people told me buy the computer from Amazon. My response was Amazon could not give me the quality of support I demanded, so I bought my iMac from Right Enterprises. I never regretted that decision.... I am now a competitor of theirs but I still only have good things to say about their service. Bigger companies in T&T with tons more resources should emulate them." - John
"I'm never tempted to buy from the big boys. What a computer owner needs above all is great support and that's what I always get at Right Enterprises." - Boyd "My Mac consultant for all fourteen years - knowledgeable and very helpful" - Anthony Krogh

"Gordon at Right Enterprises has been my 'Mac Guru' for more years than I can remember. The service, technical support and advice has always been excellent". - Ron (Junya) Montano

"Very helpful and knowledgeable service." - Mark Franco

"My go-to people" - K. Webster

"Exceptional service always received! "- Pat Deacon

"As a family, we've been dealing with "Right Enterprises" for years, and really appreciate the personalized service we receive. Being in Tobago and having a computer/Mac problem is a challenging situation to face, especially as it is centers around "work". Gordon and family have always been there for us, with technical support and bringing in merchandise, swiftly, when needed. Thanks, Gordon, for your Newsletters, too. I will continue to recommend you to people as a reliable, service-oriented Company." - Christine Jackson-Hart

"Hello everyone - I am Albert Best a Mac a customer of Right Enterprises since 2004 or earlier. My experience with this company has always been encouraging, motivating, and supportive; because of their prices and knowledge of the Mac i have been able to get at least two other friends over the years to move over to the Macintosh brand computer and make their purchase at this company. I would recommend this company at all times to persons wanting service or to purchase a Mac. Keep it up. - Albert "Gordon provided me with his expertise and supplied me with my first machine, which he made sure was equipped with all the software that I would need. Over the years he has continuously kept me informed with what is happening, regarding the latest technology via email and also any deals on used machines that may become available. There are few companies in Trinidad that understand REAL Service Right Enterprises Provides REAL excellent service. Thank you Gordon for giving of your time and expertise. Your Tech-challenged loyal customer" - Roger Walcott, RAW ADVERTISING

"Goes above and beyond by providing useful information, sound advice and keeping their clients updated issues that can affect them and their machines. Have and will continue to recommend them." - Nicole Joseph, Motif Design/Stained Mehendi

"Apart from sharing knowledge,  keeping abreast of the fast changing MAC world, providing us with information ahead of time, for me,  the  most important aspect is the integrity of the company. Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you". - Bina "I know I have not really done much business with you, but I can safely say that you are always willing to answer any questions I have and take the time (and patience to some degree) to explain in detail the questions I bring. That's a great quality in dealing with people" - Shabba

"Helpful, knowledgeable and personable... Forget the external hard drive, you're my back up!" - Aloma

"You have been my local genius bar since I moved to Mac about seven years ago!" - Joe

"Great and Professional Service Period." - Marlon Villarroel IT Associate I - IT Projects, CCN Group.

"From the day I first ditched the PC (it was full of worms!!!) and bought my first Mac from Right Enterprises 6 years ago,  I have been on the internet 24/7 NEVER turned it off since. I have since bought several more Macs from Right and have never regretted it. The after sales service is fantastic! Keep up the good work!" - David O'Brien

"Great service and always willing to assist!!! The only issue I EVER had with my mac was when I was in Iraq and could not connect to the internet for what ever reason,I called you (Gordon) and you took the time to diagnose the problem and walk me through step by step until I was up and running again." - Anthony

"Any issue related to mac is supported with knowledgable staff and first class customer service. Although you can purchase the hardware at a lower price overseas it is offset by the support and savings you get from Right Enterprises closer to home." - Colin Woo, Satisfied customer who doesn't like to spend a bad cent.
"Always responsive and helpful" - Pat G. "Reliable, available and reasonable" - Mister Barista

"Great experience" - Romel Alexander

"You guys know your stuff, and are willing to go an extra umph for the customer... and a pleasure to do business with :)" - Ann Marie

"Right Enterprises - fourteen years of great tech support and service." - Anthony Rostant EcTerCon

"Nothing but Excellent service has been meted out to me over the past nine years!!" - Allison
"I've done business a couple times in the past with Right enterprises and I think their name says it all" - Garfa

"Courteous, efficient and personalized service at all times - these people really DO know Macs!" - Glenda Rauseo

"Hassle-free, attentive service! That's what I like. I'll always keep coming back." - Dion W.

"I always get the Right Kind of services from Right Enterprises from the time of conception 14 years ago. I will continue to support the Company both as a Customer & as a Customs Broker." - David Boodoo

"Right Enterprises are the most knowledgeable Apple people in T&T, especially for non technical Apple users. They will definitely go the extra mile for you" - Ian

"I have done very little business with Right Enterprises, but I have absolutely no complaints with the service that I got. in fact, I think you went above and beyond, to accommodate me." - Eric
"Just the Right amount of Care you expect for your Apple. The intimate service is what I like best" - Anil Seunath "Great service, will recommend Right Ent. as the 'Right' place to take care of your Mac." - G.Lara

"Always there when I need them.....but then again, it's Mac, so I don't need them much." - Douglas d'Abadie, Keiros Ltd.

"Best place on the planet for Mac stuff!!!!" - David C

"Excellent Service & Advice!!!!... NO DOUBT!" - C. Matthews (Graphic Artist)

"Highly recommended Mac dealer." - David Camps-Campins

"Gordon, I have been able to rely on you over the years, whether I was here or living abroad. Your knowledge and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!" - Joanne "I believe in these guys, they not only know macs but they also know when your device is not working, quick turn around time for repair is essential." - E. G. Ayin

"Good service and good advice. I won’t take my machine anywhere else. I’ve been recommending them to anyone I know who is interested in purchasing a Mac or needs to get one fixed." - Gabrielle De Four

My experience with you all is short, but I did receive a prompt response with regards to a request for an item. Thanks" - Cyrilia

"Always ready to help - Anon. “Everything is literally RIGHT about you guys! From personnel and products, to performance and prices. Every encounter has been pleasant and productive. You’ve given a refreshing meaning to the word ‘service’. Our very best––as you continue to be The Best" - Alfred & All at AMPLE.”

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